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Rabu, 22 April 2009

Fred Jones Tools for Teaching: Discipline, Instruction, Motivation (Paperback)


Simply put: This book covers all the bases. If you are a new teacher stressing out, this book is a must. If you are a veteran teacher searching for that spark you had a few years ago, this book is the answer. For whatever reason, colleges do a really poor job preparing this country's soon-to-be teachers. All I remember learning about in my EDU classes were countless theories and how to write five-page lesson plans.

Once I started teaching I quickly realized that my college professors didn't prepare me for the realities of teaching. (All of you veterans out there know exactly what I am talking about.) Anyhow, if you are looking to be more successful in the classroom, at any point in your career, pay the $20 and if this book takes away just one headache during your next month of teaching then it was worth it.

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